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Our corporate wellbeing workshops educate both employers and employees on key wellbeing topics that support workforces in improving their overall health and wellbeing.  

At Spire Occupational Health, our extensive range of training workshops are led by experienced clinical staff using evidence-based, proprietary content to deliver relevant information that instils a positive wellbeing culture in your business.  

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Topics for our corporate wellbeing workshops and webinars include:

Mental health and wellbeing

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, which is why it is so important to provide employees with the tools and insights to stay mentally strong.


A good night’s sleep is essential for staying alert and energetic as well as building your body’s defences against ill health.

Staying healthy for shift workers

Helping employees manage their sleep and personal routines around shift work.
Drug and alcohol testing

Drugs and alcohol

Awareness and understanding​ of the effects of drugs and alcohol, especially for employees.


How can you manage this natural life stage in the workplace and mitigate the symptoms.

Back and joint pain

How to avoid back and joint pains in the workplace and what to do if you do experience physical discomfort.


A form of meditation combining both mind and body that aims to help manage both thoughts and feelings.

Management training

Tips and tricks for managers on how to support their employees at work, how to spot signs of ill health, and how to make a good referral for occupational health support.

Work-life balance

Advice on how to maintain a well-balanced relationship between the demands of both your work and personal life.
Safety Critical Medical

Know your numbers

Not a webinar but a wellbeing initiative to for positive health promotion. Know your vital health stats with blood pressure and cholesterol checks.

Workshops to suit you, when it suits you best

Whether you’re after a short 30-minute wellness session, a lunch-and-learn webinar, or a dedicated full-day deep dive into the world of mental health, all workshops can be tailored to suit your business, in a format that suits you.  

Workshops can be offered onsite at your offices or virtually via webinar.  

Following your workshop, we can also offer follow-up occupational health support via our extensive range of  services.

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