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Occupational health for employees

Occupational health for employees

Employee's guide to occupational health: Your workplace wellbeing

What is occupational health? 

Occupational health (OH) is about your safety and wellbeing at work, encompassing safety, health promotion, compliance, mental health support, ergonomics, training, health monitoring, and return-to-work programs. 

Key aspects for employees: 

Safety: Your employer has a duty of care to manage risks in your work environment.

Health promotion: You may have access to wellness programs and health check-ups.

Mental health support: A positive work atmosphere and resources for mental health may be available.

Ergonomics: Comfortable workspaces are essential.

Health surveillance: Periodically monitoring controlled measures to be effective in protecting your health.

Return-to-work programmes: Support for returning to work after an illness or injury may exist.

Why occupational health matters for you: 

You may think occupational health only benefits your employer. This isn’t the case. Occupational health is mutually beneficial for both you and your employer. As an employee, you have the right to a safe, healthy workplace that prioritises your wellbeing, helping to enhance your overall job satisfaction and productivity.  

Occupational health provides independent advice and clinical support to you and your employer to support your health and wellbeing at work.