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A musculo-skeletal disorder (MSD) is an injury or condition that impacts the bones, joints, and muscles. Employers must help protect their people from experiencing or aggravating MSDs at work. 

How can a musculo-skeletal assessment help?

Musculo-skeletal disorders are the second largest cost to businesses across the UK in terms of sickness absence and lost productivity.  

With a proactive approach, early intervention, and an objective musculo-skeletal assessment for your employees, the impacts of these disorders can be reduced and often prevented.  

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There are many tasks that can lead to an MSD at work. These include, but are not limited to:  

  • Heavy lifting or moving heavy loads  
  • Repetitive tasks or carrying out a task for a long time  
  • Using DSE (display screen equipment) such as screens, laptops, and smartphones  
  • Using hand-held power tools or tools that cause vibration  
  • Long-distance driving, or driving heavy vehicles 

At Spire Occupational Health, we offer the following types of musculo-skeletal assessments for your workforce:

Onsite physiotherapy clinic

DSE assessments

Functional capacity assessments

Physiotherapy consultations

During these assessments, one of our physiotherapists will see the employee, assess their pain, and diagnose the problem.  

The physiotherapist will work with the employee to develop an effective treatment plan or rehabilitation programme. A report containing this information will also be sent to managers, providing business-focused advice to make the needed adjustments that support the employee.   

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