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With a legacy of excellence in occupational health spanning decades, we unite the expertise of Soma Health and Maitland Medical into Spire Occupational Health. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive occupational health solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.



Spire Occupational Health can provide a wide range of workplace vaccinations and immunisations for your workforce. 

Some of the vaccinations we offer:

  • Hepatitis A vaccine  
  • Hepatitis B vaccine and antibody testing  
  • MMR 
  • Varicella  

All employees are provided with a health passport to document the immunisation and vaccination received. 

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Workplace flu vaccinations

The introduction of a flu vaccination programme in your workplace is an effective way to reduce sickness absence and subsequent absence-related costs.  

Every year businesses across the UK lose millions of days of productivity due to sickness and absence caused by influenza. It is highly contagious and is one of the greatest sources of short-term illness in the UK.  

How we can help you:

Picking a flu vaccination provider is an important decision and often comes down to flexibility and cost. At Spire Occupational Health, we pride ourselves on offering a service that fits your company, your needs, and your budget.  

On-site flu vaccinations

No need to send employees to pharmacies or an NHS surgery as our nurses come to your workplace on a day of your choice to administer the vaccination.

Fully qualified nurses

Our team of professional, qualified nurses will be onsite to manage and administer vaccinations.

Easy online booking

Easy online booking system for employees to book their timeslot in advance, with confirmations made directly with employees over email or text message.

Internal promotional material and wellness content

We provide information about the flu virus that can be shared with your employees as well as posters about the upcoming flu vaccination date.

Aftercare service

We also have a dedicated email for post-vaccination queries and advice.

Protect your team against the flu.


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