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With a legacy of excellence in occupational health spanning decades, we unite the expertise of Soma Health and Maitland Medical into Spire Occupational Health. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive occupational health solutions tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

Sickness and absence management

Sickness and absence management

Develop an effective plan for managing your people in the event of ill-health and absence.

Businesses in the UK lose billions of pounds each year through sickness and sickness-related absences, which can pose significant problems for productivity, workplace culture, and business operations.

Benefits of sickness and absence management

Let us help you to initiate and implement a robust system for sickness and absence management that will assist your workplace in:  

Lowering levels of long-term sickness

Reducing presenteeism

Detecting health concerns early

Helping those with ill-health stay in, or return to work

Proactively addressing key absence drivers

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How can we assist you?

At Spire Occupational Health, our occupational health services play a pivotal role in providing your business with timely, work-focused support for your people. Empowering you to manage your team in a mutually beneficial way, that helps both you as the employer and your employees.  

How do we work with you: 

Sickness and absence management is completed via a management referral (link) process. Individuals are referred by an employer to our Occupational Health practitioners. Referrals can be made if an employer has concerns about an employee’s health. This could include, but is not limited to:  

  • Frequent short-term absence 
  • Long-term absence 
  • Advice on return-to-work post-accident or injury 
  • Medical advice in relation to capability 
  • Advice on rehabilitation plans and facilitating a return to work 
  • Fitness to travel 
  • Poor performance, potentially caused by an undisclosed or undetected medical condition 
  • Fitness to attend a disciplinary 
  • Ill health retirement 

Chat with our team about sickness and absence management.