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New starter assessments

New starter assessments

Health checks undertaken after an employee has accepted their offer of employment, to ensure that they are able to complete their role happily and healthily.

What is a new starter assessment?  

A new starter assessment normally consists of an employee questionnaire that documents any medical conditions, concerns, medications, current treatments, or disabilities that may either impact an employee’s ability to perform their role or recognise if their health could be made worse by their work. Depending on the industry and role, a new starter assessment may also include a health screen.  

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How do we work with you?  

New starter assessments provide peace of mind for both you and your employees, ensuring you both feel supported at work.  

The type of new starter assessment we provide will vary depending on the industry and the nature of the role. We consult with you to determine what is appropriate for your employees and the business.  

What will the assessment tell me?  

After a new starter assessment is submitted, it will be reviewed by an Occupational Health practitioner to identify any areas of concern. A fitness-to-work report will be provided to employers alongside any actionable recommendations to make adjustments for your people, if required. This could include recommended amendments to:  

  • Equipment and workstations  
  • Hours of work  
  • Specific duties  
  • Working arrangements 

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