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Welcome to Spire Occupational Health. Our mission is clear. We are here to enhance the health, safety, and productivity of your people. We help you prevent ill health at work, and proactively support mental and physical wellbeing with the right solutions for your unique needs.

How we can help you

Explore our specialised occupational health services designed to bolster employee wellbeing and drive your business’s success:

Absence management

Decrease sickness absence and support a return to work

Health assessments

Understand health risks and fitness to work

Health surveillance

Comply with legislation and monitor risks to individual’s health at work

Mental health and wellbeing

Off the shelf and bespoke programmes for proactive support

Vaccination and travel health

Immunisations, advice and health passports.

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Our commitment

At Spire Occupational Health, we understand that a healthy workforce is essential for a thriving business. We provide you with the highest quality occupational health services, helping you create a safer, healthier, and more productive working environment.

Why choose us


Benefit from decades of collective expertise in occupational health.

Personalised care

We provide tailored solutions that align with your organisation’s specific requirements.


Leveraging latest technologies to ensure efficient and effective healthcare delivery and monitoring.


Passionate about delivering clinical excellence and reports beyond the ordinary.

Enhance employee wellbeing

Discover Spire Occupational Health’s comprehensive occupational health services designed to boost employee wellbeing and productivity. From proactive absence management to health surveillance and mental health support, we tailor solutions to your organisation’s needs.

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Are you ready to embark on a journey to occupational health excellence? Contact our team today to discuss your organisation’s needs and explore how we can support your quest for a healthier, happier workforce.

Frequently asked questions

Does OH support employer/employee or both?

Both! There is often a misconception that occupational health only benefits an employer. This isn’t the case. Occupational health is mutually beneficial for both an employer and employees.

As an employer, occupational health helps you make decisions with respect to health and safety in the workplace, where it specifically relates to employees. The information and advice given to employers is in practical, not medical terms, with the aim of making the working environment a compliant, safe place for employees and flagging any adjustments that may need to be made.

As an employee, occupational health benefits you as you have the right to be able to complete your job in a safe, healthy environment that prioritises your wellbeing.

Do I need to sign into an agreement/What support packages do you have on offer?

For any occupational health work to be carried out, we require a contractual agreement in place. Our desire is to become your independent occupational health provider and support you on an ongoing basis, rather than a one-off.

We work closely with prospective clients to understand their needs to provide them with the best solution for their organisation – this could be a contract with monthly billing to cover any occupational work undertaken, or we can offer an inclusion-based package. If you’re unsure what is right for you, contact our team for a no-obligation consultation.

Do you do one off referrals?

We currently do not offer one-off referrals due to our desire to work as an ongoing partner provider with our clients. We are however working on a pay as you go solution for smaller clients, so watch this space.

How long will the implementation of my account take before I can access services?

We pride ourselves on an efficient turnaround and hassle-free onboarding.

Depending on the size of your business and the level of support required, we can in some cases, get you up and running within ten working days from contract signing. Please note, that this is dependent on varying factors, so your specific timelines will be discussed during consultation.

Will I have dedicated personnel assigned to our organisation?

As a client, you will have access to the relevant people in our team required to deliver your occupational health services. However, access to dedicated personnel will depend on the scale of requirements in your organisation. If required, we can assign you with the following:

  • Dedicated clinical lead
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Dedicated corporate servicing manager

What portal do you use? Can I track activity within the portal?

We use eOPAS currently. All activity, including the progress of cases from start to finish, can be tracked within the portal.

Access to the portal will be given to appropriate team members based on a portal hierarchy you advise us (our portal team will support the build of this).

What added value do you offer?

As a retained client, you will have access to a full suite of additional benefits including:

  • telephone support and advice
  • assistance in the development of company policies
  • dedicated booking pages for employees
  • e-newsletters
  • an annual health calendar
  • marketing support

Do you provide M.I reports and if so at what frequency?

Yes, we do! The frequency of MI reports will be dependent on the requirement (scale) but can be provided at an agreed frequency e.g. monthly, quarterly, annually etc.

A management information report is a statistical and trend-based report (using anonymised data) that outlines your service usage e.g. how many people have been referred.

“We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service” – Head of Human Resources

Peter Cunningham, Head of Human Resources, UK NSI Ltd

“From the outset, Spire Occupational Health were totally professional in the development and integration of our Occupational Health Service”

Ian Black, HR Manager, Yamazaki Mazak UK Limited


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